China-Pakistan Strategic Cooperation: Indian Perspectives

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This book is an attempt to collate Indian perspectives on the multifaceted themes and sectors of China-Pakistan strategic cooperation. China-Pakistan ties have been a major obsession with Indian opinion and policy makers. While this obsession remains restricted to China’s transfers of sensitive technologies, the essential backdrop sustaining such a unique ‘axis’ has not been explored with sufficient rigour. Given the secrecy that shrouds these transfers of missiles and nuclear material, technologies and knowhow, occasional outbursts in the Indian media suggest that commentary remains vulnerable to political populism, emotional outrage and calculated Western media leaks. These commentaries trigger flashes of interest but no substantive follow-up debate or dedicated research for evolving India’s policy options. The volume tries to fill this essential gap so as to generate serious debate on the contours and implications of China-Pakistan ties. The project locates itself primarily in a new context where the events following 9/11 and the growing India-China and India-Pakistan understanding seem to undermine the China-Pakistan axis. In addition to providing a wealth of information and analyses on a subject of critical importance, the volume aims at shedding populism and busting several myths that continue to burden Indian debates on China-Pakistan strategic cooperation.





Part I – Mutual Perceptions and Policies

1: Introduction

Swaran Singh

2: The Changing Imperatives

Anindyo J. Majumdar

3: Pakistan in China’s Security Perceptions

Srikanth Kondapalli

4: China in Pakistan’s Security Perceptions

Satyabrat Sinha

5: Strategic Thinking and Traditions

M.V. Rappai

6: Role of Political Culture

Sonika Gupta

Part II – Defence and Strategic Cooperation

7: Proliferation Concerns: An Overview

Arpit Rajain

8: Nuclear Proliferation Concerns

Savita Pande

9: Ballistic Missile Technology Transfers

Rajiv Nayan

10: Air and Aerospace Partnership

M. Matheswaran

11: Naval Cooperation

Vijay Sakhuja

12: The Maritime Convergence

W. Lawrence S. Prabhakar

Part III – Fundamentals of Strategic Engagement

13: Geopolitics of Economic Relations

Madhu Bhalla

14: Civilian Technology Transfer

D. Varaprasad Sekhar

15: Civilian Nuclear Cooperation

Arvind Kumar

16: Pakistan in China’s Arms Trade

Aparna Kher

17: The Karakoram Highway

Virendra Sahai Verma

18: The Xinjiang Factor

Abanti Bhattacharya



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