Agarwal, Bina and Christophe Z. Guilmoto. 2023. “The NFHS Data on Women’s Landownership: Pitfalls and Prospects.” Commentary, Economic and Political Weekly, 58(33)

Bina Agarwal, a CSH associate researcher and Professor of Development Economics and Environment at University of Manchester and Christophe Z. Guilmoto, a senior fellow in demography at IRD-CEPED Paris and CSH Delhi wrote a commentary “The NFHS Data on Women’s Landownership: Pitfalls and Prospects“. It is published in the Vol 58, issue no. 33 of Economic and Political Weekly Journal on 19 August 2023

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Abstract: The National Family Health Survey collects data on landownership by gender through a woman’s questionnaire and a household questionnaire. The WQ figures were found to be highly inflated and showing contrary regional patterns and serious inconsistencies. In contrast, the HHQ figures appear reliable but need extraction and are not published. The NFHS should extract and publish these for analysis.


Christophe GUILMOTO

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