Estelle FOURAT


Dr. Estelle Fourat’s research focuses on the socio-cultural dimensions of food and the meaning individuals place on their eating habits. Her doctoral thesis (PhD in sociology obtained in 2015 at the University Toulouse Jean Jaurès, France) argued that there is a cultural autonomy in dietary decisions regarding proteins consumption, which is visible through: a) the importance of vegetarianism in Indian dietary patterns that is made possible by culinary combinations providing essential amino acids from different protein foods; b) a series of taboos and cognitive mechanisms that render edible certain animal based foods; c) the food categories « vegetarian » and « non-vegetarian » which facilitate dietary decisions in space and time, and support religious and social distinctions embedded in the life cycle and eventually generate inequalities in access to animal proteins. As part of a current postdoctoral position at the Center for Economic and Social Studies of the Environment (CEESE, Université Libre de Brussels, Belgium), Estelle Fourat’s work focuses on the ability of an alternative food networks to create social change and notably encourage accessibility for all to quality food at affordable prices.

Academic affiliations:

Centre d’Etude et de Recherche Travail Organisation Pouvoir (CERTOP – CNRS UMR 50 44)

Centre Sciences Humaines (CSH – CNRS Umifre 20)

Fourat E. (2018). « Inde », in Dictionnaire des cultures alimentaires édité par J-P Poulain. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. Pp 755-787.

Fourat E. (2018). « The making of edible animal source foods and its contemporary reality in Delhi », in Farm to fingers: The culture and Politics of Food in contemporary India edited by Kiranmayi Bhushi. New Delhi: Cambridge Univ. Press. Pp 37-57

Fourat E. and Lepiller O. (2017). “Forms of Food Transition: Growths and Limits of Animal-based Food Consumption in France and India”. Sociologia Ruralis, 57 (1). Pp 41-63

Lepiller O., Fourat E. and Mognard É. (2016). « Evolutions et facteurs socioculturels de la consommation d’aliments d’origine animale en France et en Europe  : état des connaissances », [«Evolutions and sociocultural factors of the consumption of animal-based foods in France and Europe: state of knowledge.»] in B. Dumont et P. Dupraz (Eds.), Rôles, impacts et services issus des élevages et de leurs produits (Rapport d’expertise collective INRA-DEPE), Paris, INRA.

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