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Risks and Territorial Dynamics

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Petites villes et décentralisation en Inde
Urban Policies and the Right to the City in India : Rights, Responsibilities and Citizenship
Cultural Dynamics and Strategies of the Indian Elite (1870-1947) – Indo-French Relations during the Raj
Inde-France (1870-1962): Enjeux Culturels
Chitra: Cities and Monuments of Eighteenth-Century India from French Archives
Maharaja Ranjit Singh
Indika – Essays on Indo-French Relations (1630-1976)
The Making of Indo-Persian Culture: Indian and French Studies
Crossings: Early Mediterranean Contacts with India
Tradition and Archaeology: Early Maritime Contacts in the Indian Ocean
Indian Art from Afghanistan: The legend of Sakuntala and the Indian Treasure of Eucratides at Ai Khanum
Athens, Aden, Arikamedu: Essays on the interrelations between India, Arabia and the Eastern Mediterranean
Painters, Paintings and Books: An Essay on Indo-Persian Technical Literature, 12-19th Centuries
Confluence of Cultures: French Contributions to Indo-Persian Studies
Graeco-Bactrian and Indian Coins from Afghanistan

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