Politics and society

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Agrimonde-Scenarios and Challenges for Feeding the World in 2050
Grand patron, fils d’ouvrier par Jules Naudet
Justifier l'ordre social by Christophe Jaffrelot, Jules Naudet
Governing India's Metropolises
Rise of the Plebeians? The Changing Face of Indian Legislative Assemblies
Health Sector Reforms in India
Indian Health Landscapes under Globalization
Milices armées d’Asie du Sud : Privatisation de la violence et implication des États
La Ville en Asie du Sud Analyse et mise en perspective / Cities in South Asia: Analyses and prospectsud
Local Democracy in India - Interpreting Decentralization
Reconfiguring Identities and Building Territories in India and South Africa
Democratization in Progress Women and Local Politics in Urban India
Urbanization and Governance in India
Electoral Reservations, Political Representation and Social Change in India : A Comparative Perspective
Education and Democracy in India

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