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List of scientific articles published by CSH

Too Little, Too Late. Apathy towards the Rural Sector by Himanshu
"India and Africa in the Global Agricultural System (1960-2050): Towards a New Sociotechnical Regime?" by Bruno Dorin
"Land Sharing vs Land Sparing to Conserve Biodiversity: How Agricultural Markets Make the Difference" by Bruno Dorin
Changing Family Realities in South Asia? edited by Dr. Parul Bhandari in the SAMAJ-EASAS
CSR public policies in India's democracy: ambiguities in the political regulation of corporate conduct, by Damien Krichewsky
Widespread fear of dengue transmission but poor practices of dengue prevention: A study in the slums of Delhi, India
"Seed Wars and Farmers’ Rights: Comparative Perspectives from Brazil and India" by Karine Peschard
A spatial agent-based simulation model of the dengue vector Aedes aegypti to explore its population dynamics in urban areas - By Eric Daudé and Somsakun Maneerat - May 2016
Combating Dengue in India - Challenges and Strategies by Eric Daudé
"Emergence, diffusion et déclin d’un réseau de cliniques franchisées en Inde" by Lefebvre, Bertrand
Bus Porters’ Petition for Aadhaar – A Political Analysis: Tarangini Sriraman
"Lost in transition? Comparing strategies of electricity companies in Delhi"Criqui L and M-H Zérah
TOXI-CITY: an agent-based model for exploring the effects of risk awareness and spatial configuration on the survival rate in the case of industrial accidents
Tarangini Sriraman, a petition-like application? Rhetoric and rationing documents in wartime Delhi, 1941–45
Access to water between urban inequalities and technical constraints - the decentralization of supply in four Uttar Pradesh municipalities

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