Marie-Hélène ZERAH
Marie-Hélène ZERAH
Urban Dynamics


Currently working on the following programs: - SUBURBIN – Subaltern Urbanization in India (as a coordinator) - TERMOS - Trajectoires Energétiques dans les Régions Métropolitaines des Suds (as a coordinator) - Democracy and governance in India and South Africa (as a coordinator) - Social Exclusion, Territories and Urban Policies (S.E.T.U.P.) - A Comparison Between India and Brazil (as a participant) - Basic Urban Services, Decentralization and Local Development in Mumbai (as a coordinator) Worked on the following archived programs: - India’s democratic renewal in question (as a participant) - Peri-urban dynamics: population, habitat and environment on the periphery of large Indian metropolises (as a participant) - Urban actors, policies and governance. The decision-making processes governing the demand and supply of collective goods and services in four Indian cities (as a participant) - Reforms of the public sector (as a participant)