Tristan BRUSLE
Tristan BRUSLE
Head Researcher
Globalisation and Migration


Tristan Bruslé holds a Ph.D. in geography from Poitiers University (France). His Ph.D. dissertation, about Nepali migrants in Northern India, focused on the lived world of migrants, their networks, interactions, living and working conditions. After joining the CNRS (at the Centre for Himalayan Study), he got interested in other dimensions of population dispersion, from temporary labour migration to diaspora, based on the Nepalese case. In Assam, he focused on the Nepalese diaspora settled in India for more than a century and whose ties to Nepal may be reactivated in times of crisis. In Qatar, he focused on the housing pattern viewed as a tool to control low paid workers’ lives, and on migrant’s daily experiences in labour camps. Simultaneously, he got interested in the making of the Nepalese diasporic web, analysing how power relations permeates digital communities.
Based at CSH from September 2015, he projects to study the many relationships between international migration, land ownership, and caste dynamics in the Eastern Nepalese Terai.